How to promote your profile on Instagram in 2022

If you decide to create a blog, then Insta is the perfect social media for this. Every year it is gaining more popularity, and the number of active users is only growing. At the moment, there are already about 2 billion of them! In this article we will look at the main ways to promote your account —  free and paid, such as targeting and the ability to buy Instagram followers, which will quickly give your profile a boost. 

So, you have created a new Insta profile. What to do next? First, choose a high-quality attractive image as an avatar. It should correspond to the topic of your blog and catch the attention of users. It is best to use your own photo. People subscribe not only to information, but also to you as a person.

Then fill in the profile header. A few succinct bright phrases will display what you are carrying to your subs. Tell about yourself, about your expertise and why it’s worth subscribing to you. Also specify a link for communication (to a website or messenger).

Decide on the visual design of the page. Choose fonts, a color scheme, and imagine the order of publications. It is best to look through several dozen accounts of famous bloggers before doing this and analyze what attracts you to them. Visual experience is very important here. Over time, it will be easier for you to understand which page design style to choose, so don’t worry if everything doesn’t work out right away.

Write some posts. There must be a welcome post in which you will tell about yourself, your education, hobbies and expertise in the field of activity. Remember that when the number of subscribers increases, such a post will need to be published again so that new subscribers can get to know you better. Fill the page with several publications so that it does not look empty and abandoned. In the future, you will definitely have to work on a content plan. This will help you plan ahead for the next publications and save a lot of time.

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Start promoting your page. First, tell about the blog on your main page and ask your friends to share a link to it in stories. It will be good if several colleagues, friends or relatives subscribe to you, so you will have the first dozen subscribers. After that, you can use free promotion methods — mutual likes, comments and subscriptions. There are special activity chats for this. But be careful. Your account may be blocked for such suspicious activity. In addition, these methods work only at the first stages of boosting your page.

Many popular bloggers say that it is worth taking the chance to buy real Instagram followers. These are people who will be really active on the page — like, write comments, share publications, and so on. Your profile will be more lively, and the number of subscribers will inspire confidence. After that, targeting will work well. The main thing is to decide on the target audience of your page and choose a good, attention—grabbing post for advertising.

In this article we have reviewed the most working ways to promote in IG. Remember that thanks to patience, the right motivation and the efforts made, everything will definitely work out!

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