How to Protect Your Business’s Story

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Every business is unique, with its own personal brand and story. Consumers are often swayed by the personal touch of any business when matched with their competitors, meaning it’s important to ensure that the story of your business has the edge. With this in mind, you’ll want to protect your business’s USP at all costs – and here’s how.

Invest in Business Insurance

With anything important in life, you’ll want to insure it, and your business should be no different. Business insurance isn’t a one size fits all; you’ll need an insurance policy which covers the risks and factors unique to your business and its story. By choosing the right policy for you, you ensure that your business venture remains protected at all times, has a long life span and that your finances are assured.

It’s important to compare business insurance when searching for the right deal for you; Hiscox, as a reputable insurance provider, provide information to SMEs looking for the right cover for their venturecan help with that. Before beginning any business insurance search, it’s a good idea to make a list of all the factors you need within your policy so that you’re better informed when you come to compare.

Maintain Your Brand

Your company’s brand is the story you want your business to tell. You need your brand to stand out and be consistent through all of your products, marketing, and communication. A strong brand which never wavers means your story is always coherent, and easily identifiable with consumers. If there is any uncertainty with your brand – for instance, if your company website does not match the tone or feel of your product – then this can weaken your business image and your story can be at risk. 

Optimize Your Website

Your company website and your online presence is a crucial outlet for telling your business’s story. You should utilize all online channels available to you. Your business’s website is your opportunity to present your business however you like and tell your personal journey. An ‘About Us’ page is the perfect tool to tell consumers how you started, why you do what you do and what makes you different from the rest. Having a firm grip on your image and expressing it online is a great way to promote your business story. 

Collect Positive Feedback

Great reviews and positive public opinion can be like armor for your business. You should encourage reviews and feedback wherever possible, and make those reviews public for all to see. This could be in the form of a follow-up email inviting a consumer to review, or an open page on your website for consumers to leave their thoughts. If you are a business which operates an e-commerce website, then reviews left under products can be a huge bonus. 

Social media is also advantageous when it comes to interacting with customers and collecting positive feedback. Social media is also the perfect opportunity to reply to your customers within conversations which are visible to all followers and potential new customers.



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