How to Recognize Propaganda | Cold War Era Educational Film | ca. 1957

Propaganda about how to recognize propaganda…

This Cold War era film – originally titled as “Defense Against Enemy Propaganda” – is an episode of the U.S. Army’s “The Big Picture” television series. It was released in circa 1957.

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This film examines enemy propaganda and its danger to American way of life. It is an absorbing film presentation set in an exhibit room containing examples of media such as pamphlets, posters, broadcasts, and photographs, which were used by the enemy (primarily by the Soviet Union) to disseminate propaganda. A member of the Office of Special Warfare, whose job it is to recognize propaganda, describe its purpose, and discuss the methods of dissemination that may be utilized, narrates this film as stock footage and original shots of enemy propaganda are shown. The film concludes with the lesson that the best defense against enemy propaganda is the ability to recognize it for what it really is – lies and distortion with little or no basis in fact.


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