How to Start Advertising on Amazon

It’s not surprising, after a year like 2020 that brought the COVID pandemic, the online retail market shot up even faster than it already was with the big increase in Internet shopping. An Orbelo report on Amazon statistics revealed that there are now over 150 million users using Amazon’s mobile app to make purchases. With that information combined with the constant statistics on the company’s growth, it’s safe to assume that the site is one of the best places for advertisers to reach a large audience.

Despite Amazon being so saturated with sellers, it’s still well-worth listing products there, no matter the size of the brand, and these tips can help you get started.

Determine Your Goals

Whether you’re trying to get more sales or giving your brand a boost in popularity, Amazon allows sellers a chance to get their target and goals aligned. If you’re looking to drive more sales, the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) can help you determine your success. Also, when you’re focused on boosting brand awareness, you can use product impressions to gauge how your progress is coming. Amazon organizes its product pages by creating sections or “objectives” like video ads, display ads, and audio ads to help you get a better reading on your Amazon ad management too.

Choose Your Products Wisely

Advertising the right products can help you pave your way to financial success at a much faster rate. That’s why it’s important to showcase your best and most popular items, if possible. Using more searchable products will give you your best chance at converting clicks into purchases. Aside from taking appealing photos and writing accurate descriptions, you should also make sure that your items are priced competitively. If your goal is to bring awareness to a certain product, it can help to do keyword research to make your store higher-ranked when similar items are being searched for.

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Be Very Clear On Your Product Page

A good thing to remember when listing your items for sale on Amazon is to be clear, concise, and compelling in your product descriptions. More times than not, shoppers will compare items before making their final purchase. If your product is described clearly and customers agree with the description, it will leave lots of positive feedback and more sales. People really appreciate knowing exactly what they’re buying before the item arrives at their doorstep.

Pick a Good Place to Put Your Ads

Amazon offers numerous ways to advertise within its advertising suite. For example, you can create voice ads that would display across Alexa enabled devices, or even video advertisements to have displayed its brands such as Fire TV. Keep in mind that there are many different ways to get your products out there, and an option to even use a third-party app with Amazon affiliation might be a good way to go. No matter which direction you choose, there is plenty of potential across the entire company’s app and website. 


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