How Your Government Will SELL ALL of Your Country’s Assets For Pennies On the Dollar!

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Your country is in debt. But according to many, it doesn’t matter because “we owe it to ourselves”. Well ask Greece, Cyprus, Italy, and just about every other country what they’ve been dealing with since the financial crisis. Assets have been sold off for pennies on the dollar because of their massive debt situation. National treasures will be sold off to the elite as they squeeze and constrict until there’s nothing left.


Connecticut and Hartford Get $2 Billion Offer for Properties – Bloomberg

Trump wants to sell off federal assets around the U.S., including airports and parkways | National Post

Greece completes sale of 14 airports

Emir of Qatar buys six Greek islands for £7m – Telegraph

George Osborne flogged £26.4BILLION of UK assets in 2015 | City & Business | Finance |

David Cameron unveils plan to sell off the roads | Politics | The Guardian

How the City of London is making millions selling off roads for redevelopment | City A.M.

Treasury Says Italy Can Sell $54.5 Billion in State Assets$54-5-billion-in-state-assets

Gas Natural Fenosa in $1.2 bln Italian assets sale | LNG World News

‘Slaps in the Face’: Italian MP Blames Gov’t For ‘Selling Off’ Country’s Wealth – Sputnik International

Church of Cyprus to sell assets to pay bank debt

Bank of Cyprus €1.1 billion asset disposal – Cyprus Property News

Should Italy Sell Its Nonfinancial Assets to Reduce the Debt? Stefania Fabrizio; IMF Policy Discussion Paper 08/1; April 1, 2008


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