HOWIE CARR: Where was the rioting outrage last summer?

As Chris “Fredo” Cuomo of CNN put it during one of those undocumented shopping sprees, “Please, show me where it says protests have to be polite and peaceful.”

Let’s start with Gov. Charlie Baker. Never stand between Baker and a television camera (or the internet) when there’s an opportunity to virtue-signal.

Here was his press release Wednesday afternoon:

“I join with Americans from every corner of the country to condemn the violence unfolding at the Capitol, and President Trump and his supporters must do the same immediately.”

Now let’s go back to the riots of late May — remember those lawless mobs rampaging through downtown Boston on that Sunday night on live TV.

The thugs foraged from Newbury Street all the way to Downtown Crossing, looting jewelry and clothing stores, vandalizing buildings, and, in at least one case, shooting at Boston cops from a moving vehicle on Tremont Street across from the Common.

Millions of dollars in damages, at least 55 arrests.

Here was Charlie Parker’s verbatim play-by-play on the worst mass violence in Boston since busing:

“The vast majority, and I mean the vast majority of the people who were part of these protests are there to make a point and to make it peacefully. That is so obvious I’m amazed that anyone could say anything other than that, at least in Massachusetts.”

In other words, who are you gonna believe, Charlie Baker or your lyin’ eyes?

After that nonsense Charlie did mumble a few words about “bad actors,” but he quickly returned to his original theme: “These demonstrators … go there peacefully to engage in a peaceful demonstration.”

To paraphrase George Orwell, some riots are more peaceful than others.

Read the whole thing.

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