HSBC Warns 35,000 MORE Job Cuts! Janet Yellen Said Fed Should Buy Stocks When Market Crashes!

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So let’s recap. Financial companies (That keep getting bailouts), have fired a lot of people recently, even at the biggest establishments. The Fed will most likely buy stocks next time around. And the ECB is basically financing the purchase of Tiffany for LVMH. This system is entirely corrupt. You can’t see that? Check your eyes. Wake up. WAKE UP!

While mass layoffs in the financial industry continue, we watch the continuous bailouts of Wall St amplify the bubble. The mega corporations always have a way out since they are interconnected at levels we cannot see on the surface. The central banks have one very specific goal and that is to ensure the elite establishments are well taken care of and this must come at the expense of the average person. They must do this in order to persist. The middle class is evaporating and that is absolutely not a coincidence. Here we go.


HSBC to slash investment bank, 35,000 jobs in strategy overhaul – Reuters

Announcement – HSBC Holdings plc Annual Results 2019

HSBC To Slash 10,000 More Jobs As Ax Falls On “Project Oak” | Zero Hedge

Banks Celebrate Record High Stocks With Most Layoffs Since 2015 | Zero Hedge

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Yellen says Fed purchases of stocks, corporate bonds could help in a downturn – Reuters

Bernanke Washington Post Op Ed

UPDATE 1-LVMH set to raise $10 bln-plus from bond markets for Tiffany deal – Reuters

Asset purchase programmes

France’s Richest Man Gets a Free Lunch From the ECB – BNN Bloomberg

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Labor force participation rate for workers age 75 and older projected to be over 10 percent by 2026 : The Economics Daily: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics



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