Huawei Caught Cheating on Mobile Benchmarks

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by amy31415

Provided example is Honor Play phone, which has benchmark (“BM”) detection (think VW emissions scandal, but reverse goal). Phones turn off thermal & power limiting to achieve far greater test results than in real-world. What makes story notable is just how far Huawei skewed their data. Kirin 970-equipped Honor Play (marketed as a “gaming phone”) saw benchmark fps ~double with BM detection enabled. Kirin is a subsidiary of Huawei, and, like most, is licensing from ARM, using TSMC for fab.

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After being confronted at IFA conference with discovery, Huawei’s president of software, Dr. Wang Chenglu, stated this was done to compete with other Chinese manufacturers engaging in the same unfair practices and that they’d ensure “future benchmark data in presentations is independently verified by third parties at the time of the announcement.”

Huawei made up ~10% smartphones sold worldwide in Q3 2016, China making up a total of ~20% of global market share. Unclear how much backlash Chinese smartphone makers will suffer from this (tbh, doubt very much, but worth being mindful of anyway).


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