Huazhu: A Chinese Growth Stock To Short

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Even if HTHT’s stock is already 37% below its 52-week high, there is more room to fall. Its valuation is stretched when compared to its outlook and competition.

Both Huazhu and its competition have big growth plans. Expansion within a market with low occupancy rates should improve margins.

Red flag: using a loan of $550 million to buy stocks is a risky move.

Huazhu Group Limited (HTHT) is a very tempting stock. Who wouldn’t want to own a Chinese hospitality stock operating in a market that is growing at 15.9% per year.

Figure 1 The Chinese travel market is growing at a faster pace than the Chinese retail market

Source: HTHT Company presentation

In line with the above image, HTHT has seen revenue growth of 26% in the last quarter. Unfortunately, not all that shines is gold.

The video contains the following:

(0:52) – Company overview where I explain its business model, growth story and discuss its core business.

(2:29) – When a company from China, takes a $550 million loan to buy a 4.5% stake in a French hotel company from the open market, you have to be worried.

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(3:55) – I created two small earnings models to see what kind of growth and valuation would justify the current stock price.

(4:40) – Comparing HTHT with Shanghai Jin Jiang Group (OTC:SJJIY).

The video ends with a discussion of the risks from low occupancy rates and one on the fair value of HTHT and what could be a possible short strategy. Enjoy the video.

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