HUGE! CNN Believes Biden May Not Run In 2024 For This One Reason

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Joe Biden’s job approval ratings are at record lows, with only 19% support among Hispanics and plummeting support in swing states.

Speculation is that the activities of his son, Hunter Biden, will further damage his chances at a run for reelection in 2024.

While Washington insiders are skeptical that Joe Biden’s Justice Department would indict the sitting president’s son, other factors may force Biden to be one and done after his first term, including his age and plunging approval ratings, now in the mid-30s.

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Before the 2020 election, Hunter Biden’s laptop story was falsely declared Russian disinformation by dozens of former intelligence officials.

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Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms suppressed the story by preventing people from sharing the link to the New York Post article reporting on the subject.

Now that the ‘disinformation has proved false, the issue is a hot topic.

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Appearing on the outlet’s “The Powers That Be: Daily” podcast, Puck News reporter Tara Palmeri was asked about the odds Joe Biden will run again, which she put at “50-50,” adding that he will “wait for as long as possible” to officially announce.


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