HUGE: Email Shows Strzok Bragging About Pinning Logan Act Crimes on General Flynn

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HUGE: Newly Released Email Shows Dirty Cop Peter Strzok Bragging About Pinning Bogus Logan Act Crimes on General Michael Flynn

Another email release shows that dirty cop Peter Strzok from Obama and Comey’s FBI is the one who identified using the Logan Act for the crime to pin on General Michael Flynn.

Strzok’s newly released notes also suggest a secret meeting in January at that time was the reason the Flynn investigation was not closed.

Overnight Catherine Herridge reported that Strzok is the one who identified the Logan Act and he bragged about it in an email.

Strzok brags:

“And because I am so awesome CRS piece on the Logan Act from 2015. All the legislative history they cite does not involve incoming administrations.”

Catherine Herridge

#FLYNN ANALYSIS: Recently declassified FBI agent Strzok notes are among the earliest documented discussions of Logan Act – apparent basis to further investigate Flynn. Filing states the notes are believed to be January 4, 2017. “According to Strzok’s notes, it appears that Vice

Catherine Herridge

President Biden personally raised the idea of the Logan Act. ” Emails from DOJ motion to dismiss also show that on January 4, 2017 Strzok, FBI lawyer Lisa Page + FBI General Counsel James Baker searched for Logan Act statute 18 USC 953 #MyHighlighter #connectingthedots @CBSNews



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