Huge fall in vaccinations threatens Biden’s vow to jab 70% of adults by July 4th: Target for first shot was missed by TWO MILLION last week – with slowdown driven by South and Midwest

  • Biden has pushed to have 70 percent of American adults partially vaccinated by July 4; however, vaccination rates have plunged dramatically in recent weeks 
  • More than 16 million American adults still need to receive their first COVID-19 vaccine dose in the next 28 days if Biden is to meet his goal
  • The administration was hoping to have 4.2 million American adults receive their first shot last week, but only 2.4 million did so 
  • With officials missing their preliminary target by almost 2 million doses, it seems increasingly unlikely that Biden will be able to tout success on Independence Day


Plunging vaccination rates are threatening President Joe Biden’s goal to have 70 percent of American adults receive their first COVID-19 shot by Independence Day.

Less than 500,000 adults are now being vaccinated each day – down from a peak of 3.4 million in April, The Washington Post reports.

Currently, 51.5 percent of Americans – or 170. 8 million people – have received their first COVID-19 vaccine. That number includes adults and also children over 12 who are eligible for the shot. When counting just adults, 63.5 percent have had at least one jab.

In order to reach the 70 percent goal by July 4, 16 million more adults will need to have their first shot in the next 28 days.

According to the publication, that is now going to be an extremely hard task, with officials missing preliminary targets by almost two million doses last week.

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There are only 2.4 million adults who got their first shots last week, the Post reported. Officials calculate that number needs to be 4.2 million a week to meet Biden’s July 4 goal.

The slowdown is throughout the U.S., the Post reported: Every state’s vaccination rates are down by at least two thirds since their peaks. The South, especially, is dragging down national numbers.

Alabama, for instance, has only had 36.2 percent of its adult residents receive their first dose of the vaccine, and last week the state had ‘just four people per 10,000 residents get vaccinated’.


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