HUGE FIND-FBI texts reveal FBI freaked about Lynch Tarmac Meeting.

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It screwed up timing of Comey announcement (DOJ / FBI collusion for Hillary) & though FBI got caught not redacting (C) emails, wouldn’t matter to outcome & FBI would find a way to protect Clinton. Also mentions REDACTED SECRET 302!

How in the hell are these two still employees of the FBI?
**THROWBACK THURSDAY** June 29, 2016 – Loretta Lynch: “I did see President Clinton at the Phoenix airport… Our conversation was a great deal about his grandchildren. It was primarily social & about our travels. He mentioned the golf he played in Phoenix, & he mentioned travels he’d had in WV.”
Check every claim that ANYONE makes. Don’t believe it until you have checked yourself and KNOW FOR SURE.
With that being said, what I have written below shows that Strozk and Page were clearly talking about the Hillary Email thing the same morning as the text about potus. They also made remarks the following day (2016-09-03) about the news coverage that occurred on 2016-09-02 and 2016-09-03 about the Email thing.
On page 1 of the source document, you see the email thread about the FBI’s statement on the Hillary Email Scandal is titled “Re: Midyear Exam”.
I’m pointing this out in case you don’t know what the acronym MYE stands for in the following text messages.

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Date Page Number Message
2016-09-01 353 Just got another call from quinn re MYE. Should l direct his call to Steinbach?
2016-09-02 354 And l’m not going to stop telling you that’s a bad decision, that the bureau – and – MYE – will be just fine
2016-09-02 356 Yes, bc potus wants to know everything we are doing
2016-09-03 357 Gotta say, most of the coverage has been quite favorable. F.B.I. Papers Offer Closer Look at Hillary Clinton Email lnquiry
2016-09-03 358 This was also good. Probably what in would have noted, too:
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  1. Both Bill and Hillary need to go to jail (hard time not Club Fed). Corruption and treason are the soup de jure for these two and it sets a bad example for the current crop of wanna-bes.

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