Huge fire breaks out at Russia’s largest gas field as pipe bursts, threatening supplies to Europe

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  • Fire broke out at 2.30am after pipe in Russia’s giant Urengoyskoye gas field burst
  • Plume of flame filmed shooting into the sky before blaze was put out around 4am
  • The Urengoyskoye gas field supplies Europe via the Yamal-Europe pipeline 
  • Blaze will spark fears of supply interruptions and price hikes amid energy crisis 

Russia’s largest gas field is ablaze after a pipe burst early Thursday, sending a huge plume of flames soaring into the sky.

Energy giant Gazprom said the blaze broke out around 2.30am at the Urengoyskoye gas field in the Yamalo-Nenets region of Siberia.

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Urengoyskoye is the world’s largest active gas deposit with supplies mainly destined for Europe via the Yamal-Europe pipeline.

Though Gazprom says the fire has been contained, the news will inevitably spark fears of supply disruptions and further price hikes in Europe which is already in the midst of an energy crisis.

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