by Chris Black

Saudis/OPEC selling oil for USD only was the basis of American hegemony for the past 50 years.

Not anymore.

The petro-dollar is done. ZOG is done. 

Expect world war/nukes soon.

The massive money printing of the last couple of years made other countries want out of the US dollar. 

It’s also the fact that the US has weaponized its currency and they can’t be trusted anymore. 

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The entire world saw the US government seize Russia’s sovereign wealth.

If you read old neocon writings from the 2000s, Saudi Arabia was the crown jewel of their plans for middle east invasion and transformation. 

With the ending of the US-Saudi relationship there is going to be a big push to demonize and invade Saudi Arabia.

The plan was to go through all the Middle Eastern countries and end with Saudi Arabia.

 Looks like they will end up hitting the Saudis before Iran, to make the region safe for Israel of course.

It’s over. Non-BRIC nations are done.


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