Huge Protests in Dublin Against Mass Immigration

by Chris Black

The Irish are rising up:

Nobody voted for this.

Ireland has changed more in the last decade than probably any country ever in history changed in such a short time frame.

Ten years ago, Ireland was a conservative Catholic country. Now they have abortion, gay marriage, virus hoaxes, and mass immigration.

These immigrants tear up their documents before they arrive.

Thousands of Irish peopele are homeless but the government says there is room for more refugees

FFG has gone full globohomo.

Imagine dying for:

– “european values”

– “gay marriage”

– “diversity and black replacement”

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– “trans rights”

– “foreign ownership of your land”

– “multiculturalism”

– “Jewish-leader”

– “USA – hegemony”

– “female quotas in leadership roles”

– “erasure of local culture and absorption into English-speaking world”

– “untermensch position in this anglo-saxon hierarchy”

Imagine DYING for all that…

Sure maybe when your granddads were storming Normandy they were ALSO dying for that in a way..

But they didn’t know!


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