Huge Protests in Dublin Against Mass Immigration

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by Chris Black

The Irish are rising up:

Nobody voted for this.

Ireland has changed more in the last decade than probably any country ever in history changed in such a short time frame.

Ten years ago, Ireland was a conservative Catholic country. Now they have abortion, gay marriage, virus hoaxes, and mass immigration.

These immigrants tear up their documents before they arrive.

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Thousands of Irish peopele are homeless but the government says there is room for more refugees

FFG has gone full globohomo.

Imagine dying for:

– “european values”

– “gay marriage”

– “diversity and black replacement”

– “trans rights”

– “foreign ownership of your land”

– “multiculturalism”

– “Jewish-leader”

– “USA – hegemony”

– “female quotas in leadership roles”

– “erasure of local culture and absorption into English-speaking world”

– “untermensch position in this anglo-saxon hierarchy”

Imagine DYING for all that…

Sure maybe when your granddads were storming Normandy they were ALSO dying for that in a way..

But they didn’t know!

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