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As you already probably know, AMD released a new series of GPUs – the RX570 and RX580 – a couple of weeks ago. Those are upgraded versions of the existing RX470 and RX480, respectively. The RX 5xx series were really anticipated by the mining community; however, those two new models received mixed reviews.
As it always happens, there is always a group of people who expect too much from new GPUs and thus get frustrated when their expectations are not met. Until not long ago, only a small number of people were able to test and review the GPUs. Now that more people got their hands on the GPUs there is a lot more information about the mining performance of the new RX 5xx.
Let’s see what we got
Can BIOS Be Modified?
This is a topic that caused the most controversy in the community at first. As we will review in a bit, the RX 5xx series have higher power consumption than their predecessor while at the same time feature the same hashrate. This made an outrage in the community because more power consumption obviously means longer ROI.
That low hashrate and high wattage combination was due to the fact that there was no way to properly configure the BIOS of the 5xx at first.
Now that some time passed, some users found ways to tweak the BIOS in order to further optimize the GPU. They found ways to both overclock and undervolt the GPU, increasing the hashrate/wattage ratio considerably.
It is not rocket science that the longer a cryptocoin is being mined, the more is the mining difficulty and thus the less is the profitability. In the case with Ethereum, the mining performance decreases over time due to the increase of the DAG file size. More size puts more stress on the mining GPUs, which lowers their efficiency.
However, this is only part of the story. The real issue is that a great drop in Ethereum hashrate is expected for Radeon RX 400 / RX 500 series in the next couple of months. By ‘great’ I mean up to ~30% hashrate drop, which will increase gradually.
What Are the Causes?
According to statistics, users mine 30.000 blocks every 4-5 days. This amount of blocks is called a DAG Epoch. Every time we move to the next DAG epoch, the DAG file becomes larger. This means that weaker GPUS will have a harder time handling it. We are currently at DAG epoch #130. Once we hit DAG epoch #150 or so, the increased size of the DAG file will cause RX400 / RX500 GPUs to work with about 30% less efficiency. Since the file size growth is gradual, the performance decrease will be gradual too. Yes, indeed. If you remember, the AMD Radeon R9 280X GPUs suffered from the same kind of hashrate drop past year. Looks like the RX 400 / RX 500 are next in the list. Now, the newer and more powerful cards such as Nvidia Pascal GPUs, as well as the R9 290(x), / R9 390(x) that feature more video memory (6GB/8GB+) won’t be significantly affected. First of all, you might want to consider newer GPUs for any future rigs you are going to build instead of the classic Radeon RX400 / RX500s. Or even if you are going to use them, it might be a good idea to include the 30% hashrate drop in your profitability calculations.
The second takeaway is that after all, video memory matters. GPUs with more video memory tend to stand the increase of DAG file size longer. Next time you’re getting a new GPU rig, you might consider the GPU memory amount; even though it might not affect the hashrate at first, it might add to the card lifespan. Crypto Cryptocurrency mining “mining rig” computer “how to build” homemade “cloud hashing” “cloud mining” bitcoin “graphics card” AMD “AMD RX570” RX570 RX580 motherboard GPU PSU “power supply” investment investing Ikea “shoe rack” “ikea shoe rack” Corsair “Corsair TX850M” “Buy Bitcoin” Litecoin Ethereum Overclock Electricity money SSD “Build a computer” 2018 project guide MSI drivers bios mackapar built “mining frame” frame Since with the new RX 500 series, bangkok thailand pantip plaza it mall fortune town you must have installed latest drivers to be able to run and mine correctly. But there is a problem, beside of Linux there is (was) no way to run more than five cards with one rig, the 6th or 7th card were not recognized at all because of some driver bug. dual mining nicehash After many tests, someone tried a strange mix of drivers and for some reason it worked. GrinI was able to get 6 x RX-500 series running on windows 10 x64. After two days the stupidest thing I tried worked.

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