HUGE! United States and Canada Shutting Down Air Space

via fliegerfaust

According to multiple reliable sources the governments of both the United States and Canada are about to announce the shutdown of their airspace to everything but private cargo, government, law enforcement and military aircraft. The decision should be made public in the next few days.

As for cargo flights, only real “cargo” airplane will be allowed to fly, –no passenger aircraft quickly modified to carry cargo. It seems that to disinfect a cargo aircraft is much less tedious than an airliner with carpets, and plenty of difficult to reach areas.

Obviously, as you can assume, carriers such as Air Canada, American Airlines, United, Delta and a number of regional transporters should all see their operations come to a complete halt.

Sources add no definite ending date has been selected yet.

This makes sense when everyone has to be confined at home and not travel, why then should we be able to travel by airplane, when not allowed by car?

Hopefully this should allow the peak of the infection to be reached in the next 14 days, providing a return to some level of normality by the beginning of May.


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