Humiliating Leak Shows Biden’s DHS Chief Admit Trump Was Right

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via westernjournal:

In a humiliating rebuke to President Joe Biden, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas reportedly told employees he’s considering restarting wall construction as the Democrats’ border apocalypse metastasizes out of control.

In so doing, Mayorkas — a Biden appointee — tacitly admitted that former President Donald Trump was right when he said that walls work and Biden was wrong when he abruptly halted construction.

The Department of Homeland Security chief made the remarks last week during a meeting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees, according to The Washington Times, which said it reviewed notes from the session.

Report: Biden Admin Wants to Restart Border Wall Construction.

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More Vindication for Trump as Biden Admin Considers Resuming Border Wall Construction.

When you’ve lost Bret Stephens…: Biden should finish the wall — or the next Trump will.



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