Hunter Biden in a lot of trouble as the walls come tumbling down – People joining lawsuit against him

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Defrauded’ investor wants Hunter Biden’s bank records to prove VP’s son received $1.5bn from Chinese companies that ‘hustled Americans out of life savings’ in latest twist in paternity battle

Defrauded investor’ Joel Caplan asked an Arkansas judge to allow him to join in on Lunden Roberts’ suit against Hunter Biden, according to docs filed Monday
Caplan, who filed papers from Jerusalem, Israel, claimed Biden’s bank records could help solve the mystery of billions that have gone missing in China
He claims he was allegedly swindled out of 10 years of his life savings in a ‘multi-billion dollar stock scheme known as the China Hustle’
Caplan claims Chinese nationals were unjustly enriched from the ploy and then used the money to influence politics and even ‘bribe’ individuals, such as Biden
Caplan points to Donald Trump’s claim in October that Biden received a $1.5 billion payday from a China-based private equity fund
Caplan wants Biden’s bank records in far-sketched attempt to trace back the billions of dollars that went missing in China, and possibly regain his money
On Friday, private detective Dominic Casey claimed he obtained Hunter Biden’s bank account records as he also seeks to be made a party in the paternity case
Roberts, 28, filed her paternity case in May, and has since proved Biden is the father of their 16-month-old child


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