Hurry Up And Sell All Your Gold (& Silver) Now! The Bottom’s Falling Out!

(by Half Dollar) You better hurry up and sell all of your gold!

For those who like the tick-by-tick, or for those who are counting, that was 17,778 contracts in four minute.

At 100 ounces per contract, we’re talking about 1,777, 800 ounces of “gold”.

That was mostly sold:

Of course, the cartel doesn’t have to sell all of that gold, they just have to sell enough to blow the stops and cause the cascade of selling.

Here’s a look at the spike in trading volume:

Of course, gold’s not the only one getting hit.

Silver’s getting hit too:

I don’t think the prices for either stay down for long.

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What’s going on?

Well, the stock market started puking:

So the MSM has their propaganda, and the cartel has their cover to sell gold (and silver).

The question is, why is the stock market puking?

The MSM would pin it on this:

It is quite the convenient excuse, you know.

Especially when silver’s staring down 52-week highs:

Because we can’t have that happening now, can we?



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