Hyperinflation Hits Turkey, Protests Over Collapsing Currency

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by Chris Black

The global monetary system is interconnected, and every currency in the world is set to collapse at some point, including the US dollar, to make room for the new digital currency emitted by BIS/Central Banks.

Moreover, every fiat currency is pegged to the US dollar, in some way or other.

Ergo, when the US dollar collapses, every currency in the world will collapse.

However, the kinetic coup d’ etat against Turkey failed in 2016,

So, now they’re trying an economic coup.

Turkey’s economy is in better shape than most Western countries. Their debt to GDP is under 40% and they hold more gold than the UK or Saudi Arabia.

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There’s an economic hit-man at work here.

Expect this type of hot inflation to hit in the entire EU zone and of course in North America. The increased cost of doing business has to be passed on to the consumers eventually.

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