The Secret Behind Vaccine Mandates

by Chris Black

They want mandatory vaccination so they can change the parameters of the test, and then Covid will magically disappear. They will then claim it was their mandate and the 100% compliance that eradicated Covid like Polio, therefore any and all measures the government takes for “health” are warranted. Welcome to universal totalitarianism.

In the United States, that was the plan. There was a reason for the FDA ending the PCR test in December. The Vaccine mandates were supposed to get 90% of the public to take the vaxxx by Christmas. Over the next few weeks, Covid would absolutely disappear. The people going to the hospital would then be told they had the flu, instead of Covid for the past two years.

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Biden would come out for his first year State of the Union and declare that his policies along with the rest of the Democrats, did what Trump and the Republicans could not do. 

Eradicate Covid throughout the entire nation.

This was the Democrats 2022 plan for taking over. They honestly believe that if they could eliminate Covid it would get them universal acceptance and complete control over the government. With mandates to do anything they want.


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