Hypocrisy Without Bounds: The president says he will bring the troops home from Syria and Afghanistan. Now, because of their pathological hatred of Trump, mainstream Democrats are hysterical in their opposition.

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by axolotl_peyotl

It’s becoming undeniably apparent that the mere existence of Trump is being weaponized by the military industrial complex to create significant cognitive dissonance (and indeed derangement) in huge swathes of the population.

While conspiracy theorists and alternative researchers have been crying foul for years (even decades), it’s been utterly bizarre to watch people artificially “wake up” during the Trump era and falsely conclude that things just got bad under Trump.

The danger of this mentality should be very apparent: if people are conditioned to believe that Trump is the problem, then they’ll become complacent again when Trump leaves office.

It’s a brilliant but pernicious strategy.

via antiwar:

If anyone else were president, the “liberals” would be celebrating. After all, pulling American soldiers out of a couple of failing, endless wars seems like a “win” for progressives. Heck, if Obama did it there might be a ticker-tape parade down Broadway. And there should be.

Imagine if Trump tried to start a war! What would happen? Imagine if, like Obama, he asked for Congressional approval to send troops to a foreign country, was refused, and did it anyway?

The intervention in Syria is increasingly aimless, dangerous and lacks an end state. Afghanistan is an unwinnable war – America’s longest – and about to end in outright military defeat. Getting out now and salvaging so much national blood and treasure ought to be a progressive dream. There’s only one problem: Donald Trump. Specifically, that it was Trump who gave the order to begin the troop withdrawals.

Lost in the haze of their pathological hatred of President Trump, the majority of mainstream liberal pundits and politicians can’t, for the life of them, see the good sense in extracting the troops from a couple Mideast quagmires.

That or they can see the positives, but, in their obsessive compulsion to smear the president, choose politics over country. It’s probably a bit of both. That’s how tribally partisan American political discourse has become.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has been weaponized by TPTB. We have to do everything in our power to wake up those lost in the throes of this Deep State propaganda machine.

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