Hypothesis: Elon Musk isn’t after Twitter to restore “Free Speech,” he’s after it to mine its decades of data to enhance and perfect A.I.

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by truthesda

I had a passing thought the other day that maybe that’s why Elon wants to buy Twitter. A few years ago on JRE he said AI is inevitable and it scares the shit out of him, while more or less conceding A.I. IS the future whether we like it or not.

“I tried to warn them, they didn’t listen,” he cryptically announced on the show. Then started eventually talking about his own NeuraLink efforts / corporate workplace automation.

The NeuraLink chip is also quite spooky, and in the context of recent conversations is curiously missing from the conversation, when he’s stated it’s his goal/aspiration humans will be implanted with them in a decade (~2031).

What if he’s buying Twitter as part of an elaborate scheme to mine its data since the beginning to feed it into an algorithm that perfects human-like A.I.?

People superficially hate Twitter for a great many good reasons, but think of every tweet ever made, the diversity of thought (regional/country-specific trends and patterns), the “shit shows,” but also rare great human wisdom sometimes shared within…in that event it seems like buying Twitter would be the best $40B personal data mining investment a member of TPTB could ever make.

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I feel superficially his acquisition seems like a “Good thing,” but it makes me curious…After all, going back to literally the beginning of humanity, Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick. We should all be wary/think critically about the hyper-Billionaire “Friends” we choose…


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