“We’ve been sitting on the evidence of EMR causing chronic diseases for decades … now we’re seeing the epidemics such as diabetes … 1 in 3 children. The closer you live to a cell tower, the higher your blood glucose levels” – MD

by zenmasterzen3   Barrie Trower has been warning of the health implications of WIFI/mobile phone radiation for a DECADE. This is using evidence that was known in the 1960s, when … Read more

THE CRAZY LEFT MIGHT BE SMALLER THAN IT SEEMS: For decades, the same group has been turning up over and over again–often with the same individuals and usually with the same lawyers.

Here’s what’s new this week: A Sacramento County Superior Court Judge declined to drop felony charges against a leader of the so-called “Antifa.” The individual—47-year-old Yvette Felarca–was involved in a riot between approximately 300 … Read more