Americans With a College Degree Saw Wages Decline the Most in Two Decades — Median wages fell 7.4% in 2022 for those with undergrad degree — High school graduate wages increased most since 2001: NY Fed (Bloomberg)


When it comes to wages, fortunes flipped last year for college and high-school graduates.

In 2022, median annual pay was $52,000 for Americans with a bachelor’s degree, according to data released by the New York Federal Reserve Friday. That’s a 7.4% decline in inflation-adjusted terms — the steepest plunge since 2004, erasing nearly all of the pandemic-era gains. It was sharpest for those earning the most.

Falling Wages

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Wages falter for young recent graduates with a bachelor’s degree

Meanwhile, wages accelerated 6% in real terms to $34,320 for those with only a high-school diploma — the biggest gain in more than two decades.



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