I (17) can’t stand the living conditions here in my household in California. How do I go about moving out as soon as possible

by hopefullymovingon


I have been living in a mentally unstable household with my grandparents for 12 years. My dad left and my mom could not find a house so she had to move in with her parents with me and my younger sister. The years ive been here have been non stop arguing between everyone around the house about mundane shit because my grandpa gets mad over the littlest stuff. Threatens to hurt us and also threatens to break personal belongings frequently (hasn’t actually gone through with these threats in my time here but when my mom was younger apparantly he was like this.) My moms bipolar and half the time shes cool and a loving mother but other times shes nasty and cold and screams at everyone as well. my grandma is also bipolar but without the medical diagnosis cause shes the exact same way behavior wise. My sister is wonderful and I love her dearly. But sadly I cant just rely on my sister for happiness in this house. No amount of going out or talking with friends will help me with the fact that im in this awful living position. And the worst part is that I share a room with my mom and my sister (big room, 3 separate beds think of the house as a long hallway where at the end is our room.) and whenever my grandpa is mad at one of us, we all have to hear it so its just a non stop negative loop in here. I can’t stand it anymore and I want out. I’m currently 17, almost about to graduate high school and I want to start thinking of ways to just get out.

Soon when i get over my anxiety, I plan on getting a job to start saving up. I dont know how much I need to save up, I dont know how I’m going to continue affording a place to stay even if I save up because I will have to do a low wage job, and I don’t even know about how to move out in the first place, but I know that for my mental health, I need to start learning now. I’m going to community college when I graduate and I plan on going to a UC for 2 more years. I dont even know what other details I need to add but I will add them if needed.

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I don’t know if half of this information was even necessary. Im pretty sure I rambled a lot in this post but I cant even think straight right now. I don’t even know if I can even handle another 2 years of living here, but since I made it this far, i’m not giving up on my life just yet. I just want to feel safe at home again. Please give me advice.

TLDR: I want to move out as soon as possible. What steps should I take to moving out of my house. If anyone has any questions they need to ask to help me, please ask


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