It’s exhausting staying vigilant to not get constantly ripped off.

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by butwhystherumgone


Today all in one day:

  1. Had to call and try to negotiate a lower medical bill for MRI that they billed as two separate MRIs. It was a lot more than I expected and I have a high deductible plan (failed here, still on the hook for $2k+ out of pocket). TIL Minnesota is on the higher end of MRI costs.
  2. Comcast raised the internet monthly bill by $25/mo. Was able to get it lowered but had to sign a 12 month contract, which included “a free trial” of Instant TV, which I tried to remove but they kept claiming it won’t cost me anything extra. I’m still skeptical about it…
  3. Landlord accidentally added an extra parking spot to our March rent ($75). Easy fix.
  4. Grocery delivery from Shipt charged for items that weren’t delivered. They fixed it after an email.

This is life now, or maybe it has always been this way. Feels like everyone is out to get you and it’s just so tiring sometimes. Does anyone else feel like this lately? What are some things you guys have caught?




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