I Am a Democrat. My Eyes Are Now Open.

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via Reddit:

I want to start by saying that I am a college student in Los Angeles, registered Democrat; supported Bernie 2016, voted Biden 2020.

I have browsed this sub for a long time, but admittedly got caught up in the circus (mass psychosis) of the last couple years of political, social, civil, public health, and economic chaos. I have always had an intuitive feeling that Biden was ushered in as President by the powers that be, but went along with it because I felt that Trump was also chosen by the elite. Trump played a very important role, and now it was Biden’s turn (whether Trump was ready to go or not).

I thought, hell, might as well go along with it. Frankly, Biden’s promise of playing nice and ending COVID sounded comforting. What could he possibly do that would be so terrible? He would just remain a boring, white bread, moderately left President and not accomplish nor destroy anything significant.

Well, after yesterday’s press conference, my eyes have been completely opened. Biden is here to oversee the fall of America as we know it. He is here to oversee the great reset, the great awakening, whatever you want to call it. Dark times are ahead, and the powers that be have installed a puppet to mislead us, following the installation of a clown to distract us from 2016-2020.

I strongly believe that the next coming years will see great global economic, diplomatic, and societal fallout.

This includes: the worst economic crash of all time, stock market manipulation exposed, the inevitable rug pull of COVID, the public realizing that the last 2 years of their lives have been stolen from them for financial/political gain, Russia and China disturbing global sovereignty, Metaverses, cryptocurrency, and possibly much more. The economic crash will be so severe that it will be used to convince people that a great reset is NEEDED, just like 2 years of quarantines, masks, and vax were needed to stop the pandemic.

I also believe that we will continue to see the rapid cognitive decline of President Biden. I mean, I voted for the man, but yesterday’s press conference was the single most embarrassing event I’ve ever witnessed from the White House press floor. He was confused, delusional, misleading, out of touch, and by the end of it, there were numerous times where he was literally incoherent, unable to remember what he was saying as he was saying it.

This may or may not lead to the invocation of the 25th amendment. I’m not sure if TPTB will milk a full 4 years out of Biden or not, given Kamala’s inability to do apparently anything correct. The MSM is already turning on them both, so I’m not sure what this suggests for the impending chaos awaiting us in the next 3 years.

I have never experienced such a 180 degree revelation of my own cognitive dissonance and misinformed biases before. I feel shame, embarrassment, and anger for being conned into voting for these people. I truly believe that Biden & Harris are in place to oversee the darkest times in American history, and to divide this country further than it already is – in a completely different method than Trump’s rhetoric did.

My eyes are now open. I am now looking back at the 2020 election, the exploitation of the pandemic leading up to it, the media circus of narratives (COVID death tolls, Antifa, BLM, Proud Boys, George Floyd, Kyle Rittenhouse, presidential debates, election fraud, Jan 6th) and I see everything in a whole new perspective now. Even popular online conspiracy theory discourse all seem like orchestrated misinformation campaigns to me: Epstein, flight logs, Maxwell, Trump & Epstein, Biden sniffing kids, QAnon, Clintons, Plandemic, Bill Gates.

It’s all f*cking manipulated chaos and hysteria. We are living in an orchestrated sociopolitical theater, a clown circus, an amalgam of constant psyops and new world agendas.

Why? I have absolutely no answer nor explanation. But I am seeing things that I have never seen before and I hoped to confide in this sub to share my truths.

TL;DR: We’re f*cked, man.


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