I am a lifetime Lefty and I know for a fact that the entire January 6th “Attack on the Capitol” narrative is complete and utter bullshit.

by DefiantDragon

I have been a proud Lefty my whole life and remain so to this day. I disagree with the Right on a whole fuckton of things – especially re: religion and the role of government in the economy.

I wholeheartedly supported Bernie, twice.

And, for the record, I specifically disagreed with the stated motivations for those Trump supporters being there in the first place: trying to pressure congress into investigating voter fraud.

With that said:

I watched 8 hours of live footage on that day from multiple sources and I know for a fact that violence was brought to those protesters by people using black bloc tactics.

I watched it happen in real time.

There is hours and hours of footage that has been withheld to specifically help support a narrative that was patently manufactured.

And every single time footage does arise it is quickly pulled down.

In fact, this whole ridiculous January 6th narrative has done more to make me question my side’s intentions and motivations than anything else short of what the DNC did to Bernie (twice).

There is footage of cops opening gates to let people in.

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There is footage of security guards in the capitol building smiling, holding the door open and taking selfies with the protestors as they enter the capitol.

There is footage of protestors entering the building and calmly walking through, waving flags and respecting property.

Ask yourself: if this “attack” was so bad, why, when all of these protestors were inside the building, was the capitol not ransacked, permanently defaced or specifically burned?

The government is desperately trying to portray this as if it’s some modern day Reichstag fire but it’s just not true.

The most notable thing that happened inside that whole building, after hours of protesting, was that one single woman got shot, Nancy Pelosi got her laptop stolen and a dipshit in a Viking hat waved a flag.

Outside is outside.

Protestors were INSIDE the building for hours and fuck all actually happened in the grand scheme of things.

The whole narrative is straight-up bullshit. Full-stop.

And there is footage to prove it.

But you are not allowed to see it.


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