I Am Not Too Optimistic About Elon Musk Taking Over Twitter

by Chris Black

If you allow free speech, public consensus will break hard against involvement in Ukraine, black criminality, mass immigration, the FBI, and especially the legitimacy of foreign control of America.

Free and organic discussion is an existential political threat to both Washington and Brussels.

I don’t know what to expect, but I do know the powers that be have a lot riding on controlling social media.

They will either deplatform Twitter into oblivion or Musk will break his free speech promise at some point.

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One potential pitfall is that once they get everyone off Telegram, Gab, Poa.st, etc. and back to the Twitter digital ghetto, they will allow free political speech for a while then abruptly deplatform everyone again so we have to rebuild our followings and communities on these flawed but growing discussion spaces from scratch.

Also remember who Elon Musk really is: a guy who literally believes in trans humanist demon summoning (he wants to put computer chips in people’s brains), ‘climate change’ carbon tax credit (he supports that, yes), one world government, and he’s currently covering the entire sky with weaponized satellites.

But Elon is somehow the good guy?

Come on, man…stop going for the feint every single time.

All these guys fired from Twitter are multi-millionaires by the way. Musk is actually doing them a favour.


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