I caught covid, here is what happened

by Woo


I’ve spent the last 3 weeks + fighting for my life. Literally. It was so unbelievably bad that words do no justice. I’ve had hepatitis. Hep was a walk in the park compared to covid. I prayed to die at one point rather than face another day of the agony. Before covid I weighed 160lbs. Today I weigh 143 and I’m 5′ 11.

I’m still sick, but I feel wonderful compared to two weeks ago. I’m alive recovering and I beat it. It didn’t kill me so it only made me stronger. Never been tested never saw a doctor, but it almost killed me.

How did I catch it? By being incredibly stupid, I just wasn’t thinking. In calif they have second chance drawings for loosing scratch tickets. Down at the local market that’s been there for 40 years there is a box below the self test station for loosing tickets that people discard. I grabbed a big handful, took them home and I had to handle each one, scratch it off so you could see the numbers to enter the second chance etc. Was getting like 600 free entries of that first handful.

I forgot to wash my hands afterwards. If only I had washed my hands I never would have got sick.

Now the unbelievably bad nausea and headaches from hell and just indescribable over all feeling of dying is gone. But it seems like it takes me 3 breaths to get the same air as one before. I’m hoping that’s temporary. I don’t know who has lived in the 60’s and 70’s when the smog was so bad that it burned every breath you took, but when I take a deep breath it feels exactly like that. It burns.

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Did this change my mind about vaccination. Not a bit. No plans to get the shot. I have natural immunity now, and I’m done with not taking precautions.

The next mistake I made was in letting my preparedness lax. I’ve always had colloidal silver on hand, but I didn’t even have the distilled water to make any. By the time I got that delivered I was literately too sick to get out of bed to make it and beyond that didn’t care anymore.

The turning point was when the owner of the company I work for got wind and called me. Turns out his buddies are all doctors researching alternative covid cures. He told me to immediately put a teaspoon of pink hemalayon salt (which I had on hand luckily) in a glass of water and drink it. Within an hour I started feeling better. Turns out my body was completely empty of electrolytes which was greatly worsening my symptoms.

Now i just have some congestion, overall fatigue and shortness of breath, but it’s wonderful compared to two weeks ago.

I tried to anticipate all questions as any replies by me won’t be coming soon.

Wash your damn hands, don’t take chances, don’t catch covid



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