The ‘Internet of the Road’: CDOT to implement new technology along I-25.

It’s called V2X, or Vehicle to Everything, and it’s essentially a new cellular network. Colorado Department of Transportation is calling it the “Internet of the Roads,” and it’ll let cars communicate with signs and traffic signals to help with safety and alerting drivers.

Amy Ford, Chief of Advanced Mobility at CDOT said, “Imagine Waze on super steroids, do something very fast and very instantaneous.”

Colorado Springs residents will see V2X in the Interstate 25 gap between Monument and Castle Rock, the 18-mile stretch of road which is currently under construction to be widened. The gap will now also feature this safety technology upon completion by 2021.

It has some immediately clear benefits, according to Ford.

“An ability to listen to and allow us to talk to those vehicles. for instance, being able to tell someone, ‘Hey you are coming up into a work zone you need to slow down now;’ or for that matter, for them saying ‘My airbag went off’ and it sends that information to CDOT, and we are able to deploy emergency service personnel,” said Ford.

And the gap is only the beginning.

If they figure out a way to use V2X to force left-lane hogs over to the right, I might come around to it.

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