I firmly believe over 85% of Americans are unequipped & intellectually unqualified to vote.

by samlosco_

How can a country who has been so incredibly deceived, manipulated and let down by their establishments be reasonably capable of developing a truly pure opinion? Americans seem terrifyingly vulnerable to manipulative rhetoric.

We really should educate people about the risks associated with wishful thinking, we cannot allow it to continue to replace evidence-based, rational thinking and action.

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This is all assuming that the the political system isn’t itself a large part of the problem.

I mean, do you think it’s acceptable that 240,000,000 people chose one of two manchurian candidates every four years based on predetermined ‘problems’ manufactured by our news corporations?

Edit: all I mean by my post is that I think 85% of americans hold opinions based on misinformation and disinformation. Without critically thinking at all.

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In my opinion

They….Are….Intellectually….Unqualified to vote.

And just because I think they’re unqualified doesn’t mean I think the solution is to revoke voting rights or implement a test.

Stop being ridiculous.

The solution is fierce critical thinking!