I got scammed out of $800 and I’ve never felt more stupid.

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by Azule97

A guy ran into me outside the bank claiming to be a college student needing to pay his student debt. He said he had a paycheck from work that he couldn’t cash since his account his bank account was negative. He showed me his phone and confirmed his account was negative and it was a student account.

He needed to explain his story multiple times because I wasn’t sure what he wanted from me so I didn’t really understand. The guy showed me he couldn’t get into his account at the bank atm, although he was using an atm card, the kind of card they give you temporarily while they mail you your new debit card.

He had a whole story lined up, like where he works, where he went to school and what he majored in. He even gave me a phone number to call him if anything went wrong afterwards.

What he wanted from me was for me to cash his money order using my account and have me withdraw the money. I realize how obvious of a scam this sounds but I have really bad anxiety and I wasn’t thinking straight, I just wanted him to leave me alone because he kept pressing me.

I deposited the money order and gave him the money. We talked a bit afterwards and then parted ways. A few hours later I got a message from the bank that said they couldn’t accept the money order.

I tried calling him but he didn’t answer. Judging from the voicemail, the number was from a texting/calling app. I know he can at least read my texts because he responded to my threats about contacting the police(although I already had and they can’t do anything.) All he said in the message was his first name he told me when we met.

I feel so stupid because I knew better but I let my anxiety get the better of me. I don’t feel like I’ve learned anything because it was such an obvious scam, I just needed to be assertive and tell him to fuck off but I’m not an assertive kinda guy so it’s hard.

I doubt the bank can do anything because it was 100% my fault so I doubt they would just give me the money back. It just sucks because I’m a college student who doesn’t have much money and I will need that $800.


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