I have broken your CoronaVirus decision making down to 2 events. Do not overthink what appears in the news. This is simple.

by squid_nipps

  • ~3% mortality rate
  • ~27 day(max) incubation period (everyone focuses on the number 27 and uses it to convince themselves what they think is right, I encourage you to stare at 27 so long you don’t understand its significance, go on, keep staring and thinking nothing of it)
  • When treated like severe cold, patients are ‘cured’, released, and still re-obtain the virus or become sick again. No cure/vaccine, no stop of infections.
  • Week 1 of infections President China stood up and said, “[Hold my beer], I’m gonna lock down and quarantine 140 million people.”
  • Random cases are popping up all over the globe, everywhere… 27 day incubation period, let that sink in.
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NOTHING WILL CHANGE(relative to CoronaVirus) UNLESS:

(#1) Mass-producible, CHEAP vaccine.

(#2) Mass-producible, reliable, CHEAP test kits.

That’s it.

There are many reasons for the market to eat shit. CoronaVirus is ONE of them. #1 and #2 are literally the only things that fucking matter relative to this virus. Everything else is headline fear bull shit. The floor is made of glass.

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TLDR: Puts on everything(3x leveraged shit) unless NEWS/HEADLINES mention anything related to #1 or #2.



Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.