I haven’t seen anyone really talking about what’s inside that infrastructure bill

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by The_Texidian

Inside the 2700+ page bill that was passed. There was funding allocated to go towards pilot driving mileage tax programs. Which means if you drive a car, you get taxed on the number of miles you drive.


A vehicle mileage tax, or vehicle miles traveled fee, would charge motorists a fee based on how many miles they drive. Simply put, if you drive a vehicle, you would pay money to the government for every mile you drive.

The infrastructure bill includes $125 million to fund pilot programs to test a national vehicle miles traveled fee.

I hope to god the programs don’t get expanded. However apparently 2 states already do this, Washington and California.

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I don’t know but this is my first time hearing about these kinds of programs and I’m kinda shocked because they’re basically giving another giant middle finger to the working class.


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