I Hope the GOP Will Lose in 2024

by Chris Black

If the GOP platform in 2024 was just “we 100% oppose everything on this list + immigration” it would be a landslide victory.

But they won’t.

By the way, when leftists say they support “animal rights” they don’t mean opposing animal abuse, they mean forcing everyone to become vegan.

I would like to add that if Twitter, Google, Facebook and YouTube are gigantic monopolies with the ability to completely steer and control the political discourse in America by censoring opinions and banning free speech, Republicans are mainly to blame for this.

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Over and over again, especially under Trump, the Republican Party had the chance to combat online censorship with legislation.

They didn’t do it and they will never do it because at the end of the day, the Republican Party is more threatened by free speech than the Democrats.

They don’t want rivals emerging or discontent with their do-nothing incompetence boiling over into open revolt.

Nobody gains more from censorship than the Republican Party and nobody stands to lose more if we actually had free speech.


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