I just spent 8 hours researching the vaccine after being on the fence and I am…

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by starplanet222

Absolutely shocked. When you remove the rhetoric about WHO is saying not to get them. I.e” trumpers” “anti-vaxers” “conspiracy theorist”; and simply only look at the facts, you can see WHY people are so hesitant.

It started with my friends mom saying that people who got the vaccine cannot donate their blood. I was curious so I googled it and it threw me down this rabbit hole. On red cross’s website it states “Acceptable if you were vaccinated with a non-replicating, inactivated, or RNA-based COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by AstraZeneca, Janssen/J&J, Moderna, Novavax, or Pfizer providing you are symptom-free and fever-free.”

I’m sitting there thinking what is non-replicating etc etc mean. Well it means there are different vaccine vaccine types and Covid has 4 different types.

Two of them use DNA based where it takes a weakened version of covid and introduces it to your body.

Two of them use mRNA which takes a synthetic copy of the message receptor your body naturally has and introduces them to send the message to the cells that produce the antibodies to start making them

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There are issues with both but I am going to only focus on mRNA since it is fresh in my mind. If you look into the success rates of mRNA before covid you will find multiple articles of how it CAN be revolutionary but failing because our bodies defenses recognized it as something that is not supposed to be there so they had to find a way to sneak past it.

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You’ll also find that it was failing because of its ability to like takeover? The ACTUAL rna “message receptor our cells have to warn of defense”. Like killing it and then your body can’t identify certain threats anymore because the message isn’t getting passed along

You’ll also find that even though moderna has been around since the 90s it consistently failed yet received billions in money from the government and other donors. You’ll also see pre2020 how they were described as secretive.

You’ll also NOT find the actual effects that they had from the testing they did prior to covid but you’ll see previous workers quoted in some articles describing how they initially work and then had “nasty side effects”.

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There is so much that concerns me but I caution anyone who is using the argument based off of who is against it as reasons to get it to actually research them and you will see that something doesn’t add up.

We are being used in one of the largest experiments that we know of. There is practically NO data that shows there’s no long term effects and there are people effected almost instantly that is not talked about on the news. videos of people’s side effects

I still have more research to do but I think everyone should actually research it and not just listen to the back and forth. I never even thought to look into it as there is so much incessant noise from everyone online but do it. Take the time and just do it.


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