I officially DON’T CARE about the Russian/Ukranian War. You can throw covid in there too.

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by burntoutattorney

Putin should be nominated for the Nobel Prize for medicine. He single handedly “cured” us of our covid induced madness. I mean, COVID just disappeared overnight from all forms of media.

Two things stand out to me in this: Russia is still exporting oil and gas to Europe, India and China, sanction free. That’s not gonna change. So, Russia will keep doing what it’s doing, courtesy of Nato and allies.

Then Zelensky getting on the Grammy awards for a propaganda speech to the American public? Unbelievable! Daresay, unprofessional! I can’t think of any time in recent history where a foreign head of state was given a public platform at an award event. I wonder who greenlit THAT.

The net result is that i don’t care anymore. We have a war going on that is bankrolled by the very countries that are sending money, weapons and sanctions to oppose Russia. And until all the “Allies” get on board with disrupting Russia’s sale of oil and natural gas….well, it’s gonna be another slog like Iraq was. Yay for the oil companies and weapon manufacturers though. Honestly, I don’t know if Europe COULD sustain sanction on Russian energy. The west is f*cked on this issue, and Putin knows it.

And Covid. Must anything else be said? This dangerous virus that required an economic self suicide, masks, political divisions, and an untested vaccine….now barely registers a blip on media.

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Of course, the admin bleats about how Putin is the cause of all the high prices, inflations et al. That is so demonstrably untrue that I can’t believe they parrot that. The idiotic COVID policies turned that spigot on.

Now Deutsche Bank predicts a recession. That’s probably the first honest piece of journalism I’ve seen in a awhile.

What a clownshow. And i don’t care anymore. I’ll care about things i have input and control over.

The West will continue to bankroll Russia’s war on Ukraine via energy exports, we will go into a recession, and watch the first “war” played out on Social Media. And COVID will be shoved into a corner until TPTB need to drag it out and flog us with it.


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