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by wmegenney

Here is the link to the Bill
And here we go…
1: Add 400 million to Medicare budget
2: HOLY SHIT. One year from the passing of the law, no federal funding to states for 501 c 3 who specifically do abortions!!! This defunds planned parenthood outright!
3: REPEALS STATE MEDICARE Expansion for everyone except pregnant women. LOWER Taxes! Less Socialism!
4: Eliminates cuts to the Medicare Disproportionate Share Hospital. This will help a large number of people on Medicaid and uninsured individuals, as the money would go to them! Good!
5: Gives power back to the states to decide who is cut from state medical care on a case by case basis for instances such as lottery winnings, inheritance, or any other cash windfall
6: Protects the states from having to pay for insurance for people who are not eligible. SPECIFICALLY TARGETS ILLEGAL ALIENS. THEY MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP OR NO MEDICAL CARE!
7: Provides a bigger financial safety net for NON MEDICARE EXPANSION STATES by giving more funding to Federal medical assistance percentage. Basically more money to cover people until 2021
8: Says people on State health insurance can be checked for eligibility as frequent as every 6 months now and allows assholes to be fined who defraud the system by applying and getting care despite not qualifying for it.
9: Increases federal fund matching to state expenditures for medical care by 5% increase
10: If any of the 50 states spends too much on healthcare (has excess aggregate medical assistance expenditures) more than what the feds give them after 2020. Then the feds will punish the states for being wasteful and reduce thier next payment by 25%!!! OUCH If states waste money, they lose money! EDIT A: Except for DSH, Medicare cost sharing, safey net provider payments EDIT B: Then it goes into math explaining how to calculate the federal allotment to the states. EDIT C: If the states try to fuck around and not give the feds the expenditure info on time they are penalized -1% of previous years allotment. EDIT D: Gives the feds the power to audit the states to investigate for any fuckery in the expenditure numbers they give the feds.
11: Totally Repeals part of Obamacare that deals with “”Reduced cost-sharing for individuals enrolling in qualified health plans”” Basically Obamacare said that cost sharing applies how the government says it does. This destroys the poverty trap. GOOD
12: Creates a BRAND NEW Service called ‘Patient and State Stability Fund’ to be administered by the Secretary of Health and Human Services that provides funding to the 50 states through medicare/medicaid from 2018 to 2026. This money can be used for the following A) High risk people who cant seem to get private health insurance B) Provides incentives to Insurance companies to negotiate with the States to stabilize insurance premiums C) By reducing the cost of health insurance by helping pay for sick people who use health insurance alot D)Promoting competition and participation in the markets E) Promote emphasis & access on preventative services, dental vision, mental, and substance addictions F) Paying the Insurance companies directly or indirectly for playing by the rules set by the Admin G) Provide financial assistance to the states by helping chip in for the costs to help keep costs lower.
13: Explains how a state can be eligible for federal funds. A) State can use funds to pay for 75% of expenses that are between 50k and 350k. If there is left over funds from the previous year, the Secretary of Health and Human Services can decide where to put the money at their discretion.
14: BULLSHIT Make it LEGAL for insurance companies to penalize you if you drop health insurance for 63 days or more. IT IS A 30% increase in health insurance penalty for dropping coverage! BOOOO THIS IS BULLSHIT!
15: REPEALS the bronze, silver, gold, platinum healthcare model on Jan 1, 2020.
16: Protects Obamacare “Preexisting condition policy”
17: Grandmothers Obamacare plans. Literally “If you like your plan you can keep it.. by law”
18: Frees insurance companies to add additional abortion coverage and to create whatever they want. Destroys Obamacare Mandate to force every plan to cover abortion. PLUS insurance cannot use federal tax money to pay for or subsidize this in anyway.
19: Any insurance program not included in the healthcare exchange does not qualify for Federal subsidies.
20: Defines TaxCredits for income and tax brackets via age and income for individuals
21: Ends the Premium Tax Credit on Jan 1 2020.
22: Removes Tax Credit For Business Health Insurance that cover Abortions
23: AMENDS (NOT REPEALS) Indivudal mandate and brings tax to 0% and fine to $0!!! Bye bye Obamacare tax!
24: AMENDS (NOT REPEALS) Employer mandate and brings fines down to $0. This means bye bye 50 employee cap!
25: Repeals Mandatory Employee tax on health insurance. Big Win!
26: Repeals tax on over the counter medication! Cheaper medicine!
27: Reduces Health Savings Account tax from 20% to 10%- 15%
28: Repeals limitations on how much money you can put into a flexible spending account!
29: Repeals Medical Device Excise Tax! Cheaper procedures and cheaper costs!
30: Repeals the law to allow Deduction for expense related to the medicare D Subsidy
31: Amends Medicare deduction income level growth rate from 10% to 7.5%
32: Creates a refundable tax credit for having health insurance for individuals and to a lesser extent employers for providing it
33: Creates a tax payer subsidy to the insurance companies on Jan 1 2020 run by the Secretary of Health and Human Services
34: Allows the Secretary of Health and Human Services to credit Health Savings Account Directly to anyone who qualifies.
35: Amends Law to removing the artifical cap of $2,250 and Dramatically increasing the amount someone can fund their Health Savings Account
36: Allows spouses to catch up and add more to Health Savings Accounts after the age of 55
37: Lets you use a Health Savings Account for things that happened in the past IF the health insurance was established within 60 days of opening the HSA.
38: Repeals Obamacare tax/fees on prescription drugs totally
39: Repeals Obamacare Health Insurance Tax
40: Repeals Tanning Tax

Unlike Obamacare – Congress is NOT exempt and MUST use the same healthcare plan as the American people. The elites DO NOT GET SPECIAL TREATMENT


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