It’s Only a Matter of Time Before the Earth is Destroyed

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by Robert Carbery

While we are all busy discussing a healthcare bill that was passed by the Republican-held House of Representatives on Thursday that could very well doom the GOP, world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking believes our planet is already doomed.
Hawking has been discussing the impending expiration of the human race for years now and on a few occasions he has warned us of the increasing likelihood of an alien species finding and colonizing us, not much unlike Columbus and Native Americans’ encounter and we all know how that turned out.
As a human race, we are constantly putting out signals to the rest of outer space to see if there is any other intelligent life out there. But think about it, do we really want anyone else to know of our existence out there in the farthest edges of space? This other species will likely be an advanced civilization far past our capabilities and with the capacity to annihilate our entire population on Earth within a short amount of time.
“One day we might receive a signal from a planet like this, but we should be wary of answering back,” Hawking said. Encountering a far superior organism with a much more advanced civilization will not end up well for the party on the less technologically superior side.
It’s only a matter of time until Earth is destroyed, so says Hawking and other doomsday enthusiasts. “Although the chance of disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up over time, and becomes a near certainty in the next 1,000 or 10,000 years,” he said in November. His solution is to colonize not just the moon, but Mars as well.
Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is hoping to start an actual settlement on Mars within the next few decades. Musk seems to be another one of these folks who realizes that we are not meant for this planet forever. Yet, I would imagine we will probably be under attack by super advanced robots that have the ability to fight back against its human creators before we are overtaken by an alien race from another planet.
Is science becoming what used to be seen as science fiction? Will we get to Mars in my lifetime? Advances in technology seem to be increasing exponentially year after year. And the recent increased investments in space technology from the likes of Musk and Amazon CEO and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos have furthered the world’s interest in not only seeing what else is out there beyond our atmosphere but where else we humans can live!
In a 2016 Newsweek interview, Musk said he doesn’t have a doomsday prophecy, although he does say that “history suggests some doomsday event will happen.” It is an exciting time to think about the possibilities beyond this planet, yet also quite alarming if you put real stock into what Hawking and Musk are saying.
If we don’t destroy ourselves with nuclear weapons or out of control robots in the coming years, we will need to look to other planets to expand our great civilization. Perhaps as soon as in the next 100 years, according to Hawking.
It might be nice to get off this planet with how politically-obsessed everyone is these days anyway. Either way, it’s sounding like we will have to find somewhere else eventually.  

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11 thoughts on “It’s Only a Matter of Time Before the Earth is Destroyed

  1. And why should we trust Hawkings?? Oh, because he is a disabled man in a chair who is really smart in some stuff.
    For 20 something years our military “experts” have been telling us Iran is the biggest exporter of terrorism as we go around the world killing brown people by the millions.
    We are told by “experts” global warming is human caused and we must suffer the consequenses with taxes and restrictions as our military spends billions of dollars spraying the skies every day with toxic chemtrails.
    Yeah, I really trust the “experts” out there. ????

    • Hawking or any other scientist may speak, but the fake stream media disseminates those they want to be heard.
      ?Suspect a spokesperson a government lauds and promotes, they are most likely your enemy.
      ?Consider investigating a spokesperson a government pillories and tries to suppress, they are most likely your ally.
      ?Study a spokesperson a government NEVER DARES to mention, they are most likely your champion.
      I suspect Hawking, just because he is promoted. What are his themes and do they work for the government and corporations that feed on us? What is his purpose? Can he think clearly?
      I can’t speak to his purpose, I can’t mind read. I can speak to his ability to think clearly, he may not be able to. It’s not that complicated, but it is dependent on being aware there are distributions of neurons that are not just in your brain. The largest one next to the brain, is the enteric system, your “gut feeling.”
      There are sufficiently complex neuronal complexes in the heart to give credence to the expressions, “I did what my heart told me to do.”
      While, it is now known, individual memories are stored in individual neurons
      Computation, the almost completely unconscious processing of “thought” may not happen just in the brain, but distributed across all the nerve plexuses. That is my inference based on staring at a blank wall for years, but I did have interesting flights across glass calm oceans towards rising suns in a bliss even the woman I slept with continuously for 4 days gave me*. So far, though I didn’t make a serious check, all the “science” I see is confined to the brain. Which would not help me substantiate my thesis. Silly kids!
      Anyways, from my perspective, given a distributed computational structure of the nervous system, the brain, gut, all internal organs, and motor neurons participating as possible, like a parallel processing machine, based on time and availability chug along making you think (moment by moment lying to your consciousness YOU are making those decisions)…
      …making damage to your body, damaging to your ability to THINK.
      Idr where I learned it, but most people accept that they think their best, when their bodies are their best. I’ve experienced that as well.
      So Hawkings, within my thesis, cannot think to the best of his ability, maybe to a point of being just a caricature of his prior self.
      I’ve noticed Christopher Reeves change in thinking after he was paralyzed, and actually his vastly different change of thinking at least as witnessed at forums and speeches I saw, made me consider this much more seriously at the time.
      I find anything Hawking says suspect based on those two problems. I further add, his fear baiting only helps governments and corporations because people look to their overlords for protection, forever forgetting it is those very people feeding on them.
      To his presumptive assertion, (an NLP hypnotic communication/propaganda technique) that there HAS to be other advanced life out their because of the probability based on false odds and the vastness of space, he is also absolutely wrong at least for today, because scientist to scientist, show me, mofo.
      The whole aliens have to exist, is only in the government’s and corporation’s service, in the attack of any authority that can challenge them, like people believing in a god. So sorry, but, as the scientists say in public god can not exist, while in private they serve lucifer, I don’t find their arguments persuasive. Show me evidence, or you argue based on belief, no less than a religious person does, but YOU stand and say you can think more clearly.
      Clearly, you can not. Until I see evidence: god nor lucifer exists, nor aliens. Show me evidence, mofo, it’s not like you guys haven’t been looking, and for a long time. Longer than looking for dark matter or energy I may say.
      I have as much equanimity if we are alone in the universe, as much as if their are aliens all over.
      I have as much equanimity if there is not god or lucifer as if there is god and lucifer.
      Obviously, scientists like Hawkings and Musk, do not.
      *As an aside, after 4 days like that, you have no sexual thoughts for 3 days. It was so complete, my first sexual thought was so obvious, given it was not there for so long, I noticed! As for those who want to know what happens after 4 days of sleeping together: complete sexual apathy, and chinese food. For all you golfers, who think you can never find out what par for the hole is, yes you can, if you can persevere given you are in good enough shape (it has to feel effortless).

      • Can’t follow some of these long rants Jeff.
        Don’t like it when you trip off on sex. Doesn’t feel healthy, sorta obsessive you know?

        • There are very few things in commonality to all men. Since I don’t follow sports, because I don’t watch grown men play children’s games, nor enjoy the homoeroticism, though I occasionally play sports, there is sex…
          Sex when it is used as a healthy expression between two people, is a celebration of life and creating life, and in the current velvet mafia satanic pedo cabal ruling the West death culture, anything that affirms life, is important.
          Can you suggest other things that people share in common? I am so different than the average person, my gfs/wife used to translate my english to english their friends could understand. No joke.
          The onus of communication is on the communicator not the listener, I’m here only trying to explain things, like a “last will and testament, cause I should be silenced sooner or later. I’m thinking sooner.

          • My point again is while some of your comments are quite excellent you seem to me to use the comment box as a theraputic tool for venthilating issues. You have commented on women and sex enough times that I am sharing with you it makes me feel uncomfortable and would prefer none of it. Thanks.

    • Then there are those economic experts that kept harping about BRICS this and BRICS that for more than a decade. Now Brazil’s in the crapper (which it never really left.)

      • But now is the time to buy gold and silver!! My $3 Cost Of Living Allotment this year ought to cover that quite nice hey?
        The public is being over worked by too many clever people with too many schemes. It is like the radio ads that must say the “800” number three times. Most all the secrets to people manipulation are readily avaiable to any schmuck who wants to sell something and so life has become a carnival of barkers all trying to scam you out of a buck.
        Ironically the money is no longer worth anything.

  2. Hmm, the Earth’s going to end….sometime…the ultimate chicken little play. What can we do about it? Nothing? What can we do about aliens or God help us their intents? Nothing. We are stuck on this mudball killing one another, they are not, so if they wish us harm, nothing we can do about it…to give in to Hawking’s constant “hand wringing” pun intended, is stupid beyond measure. Aliens have us where they want us anyway, trapped on a mudball, not able to expand into their back yard, and killing one another in pure entertainment value and broadcasting while we do it. It’s a win win all around. Aliens are more at risk to our funguses viruses and bacteria than to our paltry tech, and they know it. The bet on us like we do horses at a racetrack.

  3. HEY IWB!..if you want readers like ME to take your articles seriously at all, and act like you have any integrity, PLEASE QUIT PUSHING THE GLOBE EARTH AGENDA!…there are no giant comets/asteroids hurdling towards earth, ALL the shuttles and rockets being shot up are GOING NOWHERE (but prob littering the ocean)..there is no EARTH ENDING EVENT..only GOD will end our quit pushing this stupid propaganda, especially with someone like Hawking..whos supposedly must be MAGICAL, cuz hes the ONLY PERSON ON EARTH who can have Lou Gehrigs disease for 50 years???..I know of someone who had it..he lived not even TWO unless they keep replacing him with look alikes, then yea hard to believe. God bless you all!..
    Remember, look outside, look at the sky, look at nature, look at the earth, the TRUTH is right in front of you!
    the Great Deception is occurring right now, beware!

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