I Recently Heard It Was Two Years until the Climate Apocalypse

by Chris Black

That must have been too apocalyptic, so they made it three.

I guess it was all the cars and industrial activity in 10,000 BC that caused sea levels to rise around 250ft and sink the continent that exists underwater around New Zealand.

Also all the ancient cities went under water off the coast of India and what was Mesopotamia. The Great Flood myths are all based on the sea level rise after the Ice Age ended.

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If we hit 500ppm of CO2, the Sahara will no longer grow as a desert and will begin to green again. The rain forests will flourish. Parts of Siberia will become habitable.

I always ask the Greenies why they are against forests growing and the planet thriving. Without the industrial revolution keeping CO2 above 400ppm, the planet would have been in danger of dropping so low, that most of the plant life would have died.

Any astronomer will tell you that periods of warming and glaciation are due to the wobbles in the Earth’s orbit over thousands of years. We don’t go around in a straight line. There are also areas of the galaxy with more gas, essentially acting like fog. These periods take millions of years to move through.

Debating a climate activist is like staring down a monkey that has already taken a crap in its hand.


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