I still haven’t seen any fake news fact checkers try to explain why “WHO reported” FLU cases went from 44k PER WEEK to ZERO.

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Probably wasn’t because every hospital in the entire world was getting mega bucks for treating COVID cases. Probably wasn’t because every COVID test couldn’t determine between COVID or the Flu.

Imagine every for profit hospital, around the world, was paid mega bucks for treating COVID… and the COVID test couldn’t determine between Flu/Covid.

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Every for profit hospital would never, in a million years, take an extra several million dollars to say “It’s not the FLU…It’s COVID”. FLU case gets you 500 bucks.. COVID gets you 20k+!

This is why the FLU got cured. Pretty sure no “Liberal fact-checkers” will touch this.

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This is the link from the World Health Organization’s own website.

That tracked FLU cases. I challenge anyone to punch in week 1 from 2020 until week 52.



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