I Think All the Recent Attacks on Infowars are Coordinated

Is the recent assault against Alex Jones from multiple media angles an organized effort to derail his recent success? Or is it an attempt to legitimize him in the public eye? Could Alex’s encroachment on the audience of mainstream media be behind the recent attacks against his character?

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Seems coordinated when we have strikes on the Alex Jones Youtube page, claims that Jones groomed people for gay sex, and tales of the site misusing advertisements in the same 48 hour period doesn’t it?
h/t RMFN

2 thoughts on “I Think All the Recent Attacks on Infowars are Coordinated

  1. even though i hate what you say i will defend the right for you to say it. in the country i live in that is not a right i am not allowed to say things as i see them , it might be considered a hate cry, too bad i don’t speak peoplekind

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