I think I was scammed by a Best Buy employee

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by Friendly-Offer

Me and my mother went to Best Buy to pick out this 85in Samsung for my Dad for Christmas. The girl at the register told us that her system wasn’t working but the store was actively accepting PayPal/Venmo payments for products. She then held out a iPhone and told us to pay using the PayPal QR code. The payment went through on my moms phone when she input her information, but when we tried to add geek squad support, she said they weren’t taking applications in store, only over the phone. So we left and now we are at home but now that I’m sitting here thinking about this I’m beginning to feel like we paid her personally because GeekSquad is saying they can’t find our product in the system. What should I do? Take the TV back?

UPDATE: sighs I called the store and the manager and he told me that their system was never down and told me to bring the TV back to the store and that the police will be there waiting to file a police report. Apparently he just had a female associate quit on the spot and he believes it was her who ran the scam. They won’t know until corporate sends them back the CCTV footage. He said they will rectify the situation in any way possible to get back my business.




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