I Think I was wrong about SESSIONS!

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I may have to eat my tie after all..

According to the hill the prosecutor (Huber) is working with the IG.


Well, it turns out that the IG hs no real power. HE CANNOT SEND PEOPLE TO JAIL.



Mystery surrounds Sessions appointee to FBI investigation

Questions surround the work of U.S. Attorney John Huber, who is playing a key role in one of the multiple investigations surrounding President Trump and the Justice Department.

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Known as a no-nonsense prosecutor whose primary experience is fighting violent crime, the U.S. attorney for Utah is an appointee of President Obama whose job was saved by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) when Trump asked state attorneys to resign so that he could field a new slate of professionals.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions quietly tapped Huber — apparently last fall — to work in tandem with the Justice Department’s Inspector General to determine whether conservative allegations of abuse at the FBI and the DOJ merit investigation.

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White House officials see Huber as a second special counsel in everything but name because he has the authority to prosecute, a task the inspector general has to refer to a U.S. attorney.



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