I Think They Will Kill KanYe After Yesterday’s Appearance on Alex Jones Show

by Chris Black

“Don’t talk about the people in power or they’ll try to stop you” – Academic Agent

Genius strategy here bro.

Then we have this:

Didn’t you just try to lead an advertiser strike against Twitter? 

Now you’re here asking Elon for favors.

I would prefer to lose everything, including my life, over allowing the likes of Jonathan Greenblatt to tell me what I can see, think, who I can dine with or anything else. 

Once enough people come to feel as I and many others already do, their power will vanish overnight. 

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The 2% only controls everything because there are enough people out there who will take this rat’s call out of fear or greed.

Jacob Wohl has previously claimed service in the Mossad. Some say he was lying, but when a Jew says he is connected to the Mossad, I believe him. 

This should be interpreted as a credible threat. 

The fact that Netanyahu and the Israeli ambassador are both publicly complaining about Ye means he is in physical danger.

Kanye’s last tweet was a photo of Elon Musk with Ari Emanuel, an Israeli American billionaire who is also referred to as “Hollywood’s super-agent” (he’s the brother of Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s handler).

– He brockered the deal for Elon’s purchase of twitter

– He called for businesses to cancel KanYe 

– Son of an Irgun terrorist



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