I tracked my phone usage before and after disabling notifications

via StupidSoIDontGetIt:

I also found that I decreased my phone pick-ups from 27.2 per day to 22.0 per day, on average (p<0.001). Data collected using Moment (iPhone app). Analysed using R.

Disabling notifications in this case excluded all non-direct messaging apps (such as Slack, text messages and WhatsApp) and notifications that are essential for me (e.g. notifications from bank or reminder apps). Disabled notifications included all social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc), news (NY Times, Guardian, etc) and others (Craigslist alternative, Ebay, etc).

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Edit: There were 108 days tracked with notifications and 68 days without notifications. They were recorded between 2018-01-03 and 2018-06-28. Days with either 0 pick-ups or 0 recorded minutes were deleted.